Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

· 11th May 2018 · 12:00 pm

Google Analytics and Webmaster tools keep track of your online business providing you with important information about your website and its visitors.  It is a free analytics tool that can be employed by any online business and is used to monitor the performance and progress of their website.

There are people accessing your website from lots of different devices. Some of these visitors will leave straight away and some of them may stay for a few minutes. Google Analytics provides you with this crucial information in order to help you make informed, educated changes to your website based on real data.

For example if you notice that your visitors are leaving as soon as they access the site, there may be a problem with the web page such as images taking too long to load. Without analytics, you might not find out this information which could then lead to reduced traffic and sales.

Interested in finding out how Google Analytics can benefit your business? Get in touch and lets have a chat.

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